I’m Corum, and my Twitter bio reads:  an IT Guy in small business – this often translates to ‘custodian of everything which has a wire attached’ * Husband * Dad * Geek * Opinionated Bastard (literally)

I’ve been asked a number of times about that last bit – about being literally an opinionated bastard.  Well, you see, I was born in the mid-sixties and put up for adoption as an infant.  The math on “bastard”  is left as an exercise for the student.  If I actually follow through with the blogging, opinionated should speak for itself.

This is a place for longer thoughts – ideas that don’t fit in a 140 character text box, or thoughts that lose all clarity when the attempt at distilling them is made.

The background image on this blog is of the Rocky Mountains, just south of Boulder, Colorado, and was taken by me.

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